“My husband has been a resident for the past year, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the care he’s received. The nurses and care staff are helpful, friendly and attentive to his needs, as well as mine. Any concerns or questions we’ve had have been answered and resolved quickly to our satisfaction. The office staff is exceptional. They’re all so friendly and really work to accommodate our requests. The goal of the therapist is for the resident to return home if they so desire and they all work really hard to achieve that goal. Everyone makes sure the family is updated quickly on any changes or issues that might arise.

The facility is always clean, neat and fresh. Housekeeping keeps the rooms neat and tidy for the residents and family members. The facility has recently undergone a massive renovation which has brightened the entire facility. It feels warm and inviting and you’re always met with a smile when you enter the front door. Finding a facility to entrust your family member is a huge task and we consider ourselves lucky to have found Shreveport Manor Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation .”

Sue Chappell

“My mother was taken to Shreveport Manor Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation or rehab in early December after a fall at home and a few days in the hospital. She has various medical conditions including dementia.

She spent three weeks in the rehab unit and ultimately our family had to make the decision that she could not return to her previous living conditions since she lived alone and needed more care and supervision.

She had adapted well during the rehab to the nursing staff, aides, and other staff members. She was eating better than she had been at home and taking her medications more routinely than when she was living at home.

We decided to have her moved to long-term skilled nursing. We never considered any other facilities since she was being well taken care of and seemed comfortable with the surroundings at Shreveport Manor Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation .

It has now been a little over three months since she was first admitted to Shreveport Manor Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation . I feel she is doing better with a routine and eating three meals a day and is more stable than when she was at home. It is never easy to make these decisions for our loved ones, but I feel that Mom is now safe and getting the medical care daily that our family could not provide for her on our own.

Shreveport Manor Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation is very nice and aesthetically pleasing. Nicely decorated and open and does not feel like a typical nursing facility. The staff has been great and treated my mother with respect. I visit daily and have no regrets about putter her care in their hands. I can visit her now and enjoy our time together rather than me feeling responsible for her care at home.

Overall this has been the best decision for Mom as well as our family.”

Cindy Hoskins

“When I chose Shreveport Manor Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation to assist Tabitha, she was in really bad shape. She desperately needed rehab after a long stay in ICU that left her physically depleted. In fact, the reason I chose this facility was because I was impressed with the rehab staff.

The rehab staff did not disappoint. They were top notch. IF one of your loved ones needs rehab this is the place for it. But I discovered to my delight that EVERYONE there was dedicated to the mission of getting my wife healthy. I was there a lot and saw everything. Not only were the nurses caring and responsive to Tabitha, they were that way with everyone. The orderlies were patient and smiling. The rest of the staff was dedicated and committed to excellence.

Thanks for making my wife better.”


“My family and I appreciate the dedicated staff at Shreveport Manor Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation , especially the nurses and aides who work on Hallway #3. My mother receives wonderful care at this facility; her meals are diverse and delicious, and her daily activities are educational and entertaining. The administrative personnel (from the Administrator’s office to the Admissions Office, the Social Services office, and the Business Office) are so professional and helpful. The kitchen, housekeeping and maintenance staffs are also hardworking and personable with the residents. My family and I recommend Shreveport Manor Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation as a rehabilitation facility and as a long-term care facility to our coworkers, friends, and family members.”

Mary McCoy