Technology Dependent Care (TDC) Unit

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Shreveport Manor Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility is pleased to offer a state-of-the-art ventilator care unit.  Our Technology Dependent Care (TDC) Unit is the first of its kind in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. At our TDC Unit, we are committed to providing the absolute latest and most advanced technology designed to provide specialized progressive care for patients in need of short-term, ventilator rehabilitation programs, or long term ventilator support.  

Our TDC Specialized Program is designed to produce responsive weaning times and improved resident outcomes, while providing comfort, advanced monitoring, and a full spectrum of long-term care services.  

Our equipment promotes mobility as it is designed for portability and capnograpy monitoring that has a significant impact on our residents and increases ability to identify respiratory compromise early.  Enhanced patient safety and improved clinical outcomes.”

Respiratory therapy at Shreveport Manor Skilled Nursing and Rehab features:

  • Dedicated ventilator unit led by board-certified pulmonologist
  • Focus on increasing mobility and weaning dependence whenever possible
  • 24-hour respiratory therapists
  • Physical and occupational therapy to increase endurance and ability

Our advanced technology dependent unit includes an interdisciplinary team of dedicated respiratory therapists and nursing staff with decades of experience..

Our team also maintains close relationships with our local pulmonologists, ensuring continuity of care for patients transitioning between the hospital, our unit, and home. All of our staff is specifically trained to handle ventilators and tubes, helping put you or your loved one at ease.  Our respiratory therapy and ventilator program is designed to give patients the best achievable quality of life

We take pulmonary rehab to another level, with the resources and expertise to care for patients with tracheostomies (trachs) and ventilators (vents). We’re the only program of its kind in Shreveport, Louisiana.